Don't Let Preventable Plumbing Problems Ruin Thanksgiving!

Prepare the Plumbing For Extra People Before the Holidays

When the Thanksgiving feast is prepared, and the family sits around the table, it can be a wonderfully pleasant time of togetherness. The aftermath, however, may not be so pleasant. Having extra people in the house who need to use the toilet can strain a household’s plumbing system. 

If the toilet and the kitchen sink are properly cared for, there is less likelihood of an embarrassing plumbing debacle. This article will cover some preventative measures that can be done by the homeowner, but also when it may be time to get professional assistance.

The Horror of a Preventable Clogged Toilet

toiletClogged toilets may be one of the most common and disgusting plumbing issues. It can be embarrassing for guests to admit something is wrong and embarrassing for homeowners whose toilets aren’t working. Though nothing is foolproof, here are several ways to help prevent a clogged toilet.

  • Consider installing a water flow limiting device on the toilet, such as a flapper valve or dual flush mechanism, to help reduce the amount of excess water flowing into the bowl and eventually down the drain.
  • Try to use less toilet paper or flush more than once to break up the amount of toilet paper that goes down the toilet at once. 
  • Avoid flushing items not intended for disposal in a toilet, such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and wipes.

Blockage in the Sewer Lines

sewer lineClogs can form further in the sewer line due to various causes, including tree roots intruding on pipes, broken or collapsed pipes, and debris buildup caused by improper disposal of items such as cooking grease. These clogs can cause massive wastewater backups in homes and businesses that have overwhelmed their local wastewater systems. The negative effects are many – from sewage overflows damaging property and posing health risks to increased costs related to repairs or replacement of damaged lines. 

Prevention is the best way to avoid these extreme clogs. Here are some tips: avoid flushing items that don't belong down the toilet (such as diapers or dental floss); make sure kitchen grease is disposed of properly (not down drains); schedule regular cleaning of the sewer line by a plumber, and avoid tree roots or other obstructions near the plumbing. These steps can help keep sewer line clogs from happening and prevent costly repairs.

Thankfully There’s Plumbing Maintenance To Help Prepare

Regular drain cleaning and maintenance help keep plumbing systems in optimal condition, preventing various issues, such as clogged pipes, unpleasant odors, and even water damage. Professional drain cleaning is an essential part of preventative maintenance that can help maintain the longevity and efficiency of a plumbing system. By having a professional clean and unclog drains regularly, homeowners can protect against major plumbing problems that could cost them time and money down the road. 

Professional plumbers have access to specialized tools like hydro jetting machines that are designed to effectively remove debris from inside pipes without damaging them. Plumbers can also detect any underlying issues in the drainage system during maintenance before they cause more severe problems. Additionally, if there is an issue with the sewer line, a professional can locate the problem and diagnose it correctly so that repairs can be made quickly. This means homeowners avoid costly damage from backed-up water or flooding in their homes due to an undetected issue.

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