Is Your Household Suffering From a Faulty Water Heater?

3 Signs of Malfunctioning Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of the most important appliances in the home. The good news is that with the right information, families can be prepared to deal with a failing water heater. Before water heaters malfunction, they can show certain signs indicating they need service. Here are some signs indicating that the water heater is experiencing problems and needs repair or replacement

Unusual Noises 


Water heaters aren’t intended to be displayed. They are usually tucked away in a closet or basement, virtually forgotten. One of the reasons they may get neglected is because they are quiet and reliable. Since water heaters are so quiet, the first sign that something is wrong is loud noises from the unit. 

Under normal circumstances, gas water heaters will make a quiet rushing noise as the burner cycles, and electric water heaters make even less noise. So if homeowners hear unusual noises from their water heater, it needs service. The most common noises a water heater will make that indicate a problem are thumping or popping sounds. When water heater maintenance is neglected, sediment can accumulate at the bottom of the hot water tank. These solids interfere with water heating and allow water to boil underneath the scale. Hearing strange sounds from the tank typically means the tank needs to be drained and flushed by a professional to remove the sediment and prevent tank corrosion

Discolored, Stinky Water 


Corrosion is an ever-present problem in plumbing. In water heaters, anode rods protect the tank and nearby plumbing from corrosion. However, these anode rods protect the tank by allowing themselves to be corroded instead. Once the anode rod corrodes, the water heater loses its protection. 

One of the signs that the anode rod in a water heater is bad and needs to be replaced is foul-smelling and discolored hot water. Discolored and bad-smelling hot water could also indicate the hot water tank is already corroded. If the tank is corroded, it will likely require a water heater replacement. 

Water Leaks 

One of the risks of neglecting to replace a corroded water heater is leaks become more common. Leaks in the tank of a water heater caused by corrosion will likely require replacing the system. This is why water heater maintenance is so essential. It prevents corrosion and the need for early replacement. 

However, if leaks not caused by corrosion are spotted in the water heater, it may only require repair. A plumbing contractor can inspect the water heating system to determine the extent of the damage and the cause of the leak so they can recommend the best solution, whether it be repair or replacement. 

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You Don't Have to Suffer High Water Bills This Summer With These Easy Tips

Enjoy the Summer Without Worrying About the Water Bills

Summer fun is usually equated with lots of water and for a good reason. The heat may be a welcome arrival for some, but it can also quickly raise water bills. Swimming pools, splash pads, and refreshing summer drinks require copious amounts of water, but does that automatically mean homeowners should resign themselves to a fate of high water bills? There are several ways homeowners can save money on their water costs this summer, and this post will share water-saving tips!

Water Saving Devices Help Keep Water Bills Low

showerIn this age of technological advancements, it’s easy to find ways to make life more efficient and less wasteful. Many products on the market allow homeowners to make their homes more water efficient, including upgrades in plumbing fixtures. Swapping out regular shower heads for low-flow, WaterSense-labeled versions, for example, can save families about 2,700 gallons of water a year.

Water-saving toilets are another way to conserve water and save money. Installing water-saving WaterSense-labeled toilets to replace old, inefficient ones can save families 20 to 60 percent of the water used by their toilets. These kinds of toilets use less water per flush than a normal toilet, with some models offering the option to use a full flush for solid waste and a half flush for liquid waste.

Find the Right Time to Water the Lawn

lawnWhile not all water-related activities at home can be made efficient with water-saving devices, it’s still possible to save money by timing these activities right. Take watering the lawn, for example. Maintaining the health of the yard, garden, and landscaping is important in the summer, so homeowners would expect that, given the extreme temperatures, they would have to pay a premium to take care of their yards. 

But most homeowners need to know that if they simply schedule this activity in the morning, they can save money on watering the lawn. This is because mornings are cooler than the rest of the day, and if plants are watered at this early hour, the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly, leaving more for the plants to absorb. This allows homeowners to cut down on their water usage to keep their yards healthy.

Some More Ways to Save Water

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are also several simple habit changes that, when done consistently, can help homeowners not just conserve water but also keep them from running up an excessively high water bill.

  • Keep showers short: While it may be tempting to stay in the shower longer than necessary, shorter showers have the incentive of keeping water bills low - something that should motivate most people to hop out as soon as they’re done.
  • Don’t leave the water running: One of the easiest ways to save water is to turn off the tap when not in use. According to the EPA, 8 gallons of water a day can be saved by turning off the tap when brushing teeth, and 10 gallons of water can be saved per shave. 
  • Maximize the use of water-efficient appliances: Most modern household appliances like clothes washers and dishwashing machines are built to be water efficient, so homeowners would do well to maximize their water efficiency by opting, for example, to use water-efficient dishwashers instead of washing dishes by hand. Washing machines should also be run on a full load to save water.

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Three Reasons to Install a Water Softener

How Does a Water Softener Help Around the Home?

A water softener is a filtration system specifically designed to remove minerals from hard water, thus transforming it into soft water. Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, which can cause a variety of issues around the home and for the people living in it. However, installing a water softener can help people avoid the issues stemming from hard water and provide many benefits. This blog post will go over some of the benefits of water softeners. 

Better Cleaning 

cleaningWater softeners play a vital role in enhancing the effectiveness of cleaning because hard water can lead to several issues that hamper the cleaning process. One common problem with hard water is spotted glasses after washing dishes. This occurs due to the reaction between the mineral content in hard water and soap, leading to the formation of soap scum. When this residue dries on glassware or cutlery, it leaves unsightly spots and streaks.

Similarly, stains and deposits on bathroom fixtures are another prime concern resulting from hard water. The excessive minerals in the water build up over time, forming stubborn, crusty deposits known as limescale. Additionally, continued use of hard water for laundry causes clothes to fade and become worn out more quickly. This is because the minerals in hard water can weaken the fabric fibers, making them less resilient and prone to damage.

Installing water softeners can alleviate these issues by eliminating or reducing the mineral content, making the water more conducive to cleaning. Softened water reacts better with soap and detergent, forming a rich lather that's much more effective at breaking down dirt, grime, and stains.

Keep the Plumbing Safe 

The minerals in hard water can also cause issues for the plumbing, fixtures, and appliances besides just deposits on the fixtures. The mineral scale can also build up within the pipes and water heaters and cause issues such as: 

  • Reduced water pressure
  • Clogs 
  • Shorter lifespan for pipes, fixtures, and appliances such as water heaters
  • Reduces energy efficiency of water heaters, leading to higher water heating costs

Water softeners help protect the plumbing and extend its lifespan by preventing these complications due to the minerals in hard water. With water softeners, homeowners can expect fewer plumbing problems and lower energy bills. 

Protect the Health of Skin and Hair 

healthWater softeners play an essential role in enhancing skin and hair health by addressing the problems caused by hard water. Hard water contains high amounts of minerals, which can have detrimental effects on skin and hair when used for bathing and showering. Water softeners can reduce the concentration of these minerals and make a significant improvement in the health and appearance of skin and hair.

One of the prevalent issues caused by hard water is dry skin and hair. The minerals in hard water create a layer on the skin and hair, preventing moisture from being absorbed. This layer of soap and minerals is difficult to rinse out, making it challenging for moisture to reach the skin and hair. As a result, skin and hair are left feeling dry, itchy, and irritated. With a water softener, everyone in the home can enjoy radiant, moisturized skin and shiny, hydrated hair while also protecting the plumbing and keeping the home clean.

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West Plumbing LLC was on the Best of HomeAdvisor list 3 years in a row serving Chandler, AZ, and the surrounding areas. They provide flat rate pricing, always on-time service, and financing. Call them today for water softener installation and services in Chandler, AZ.

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Getting a New Water Heater Has its Benefits

Start the New Year With a New Water Heater 

Water heaters play a significant role in the home’s general operations. Without a working one, life can become more difficult for everyone. If a water heater is nearing the end of its life, needs frequent repairs, or shows signs of damage such as corrosion, it’s time to get a new one before a complete breakdown. However, getting a new water heater doesn’t have to be negative. Installing a new water heater has many benefits, three of which will be discussed in this blog. 

Saving Money on Energy Bills 

As water heaters age, they lose efficiency, meaning they have to work harder and use more energy to do the same job. This loss of efficiency leads to increased energy bills. To save money and improve efficiency in the new year, homeowners should consider getting a new water heater. 

EnergyStar produces a wide range of water heaters to meet homeowners’ needs. And, thanks to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, homeowners can save even more money by installing a new water heater with tax credits and rebates when it meets the energy efficiency requirements.  

Better Hot Water Recovery Rate

waterNobody wants to get in the shower only to have the water get cold in seconds or not get cold at all. Instead, everyone wants a water heater with an excellent hot water recovery rate, meaning it can heat water quickly after the hot water has been used up, so nobody gets stuck taking cold showers.

New water heaters tend to have much better recovery rates than older models. Families can get more hot water faster and without interruptions by replacing an old, inefficient water heater with a new one that has a good hot water recovery rate. Water heaters can come with different recovery rates, and homeowners should consider these factors when deciding on the recovery rate that will work best for a home:

  • The home’s size 
  • How many appliances require hot water 
  • How many people live in the house 

More Space for Storage

heaterSome modern water heaters are designed to be more efficient and take up less space than traditional tank-style models, specifically tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are ideal for those looking to maximize their storage space as they're much smaller units that can easily be mounted on a wall. This allows homeowners to free up room in the garage, basement, or closet, making it much easier to store other items that might not have fit before. 

Tankless water heaters are also great because they provide an on-demand hot water supply instead of keeping a tank of water hot like other water heaters. This can help homeowners save significantly on energy costs compared to traditional storage tank water heaters. Not only do tankless water heaters help save money and space, but they also provide convenience and lasting durability that households can rely on.  With so many benefits, it's no surprise tankless water heaters are becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners.

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The Noises From Behind the Wall Aren't Ghosts, But a Water Hammer

Water Hammer Haunting the House This Halloween?

Halloween is the time of chills and scares. People often like to be startled by people in costumes or jumpscares in movies, but rarely like to be startled in their own home when they turn off the sink or the washing machine shuts off.  

When a homeowner hears bangs and rattles that are unexpected, it can be discomfiting. While it’s not an indication of supernatural activity, it does indicate something that can be a problem for a plumbing system, a water hammer.  

Defining Water Hammer

Water hammer or hydraulic shock is the banging sound that comes from the vibration of pipes due to water hitting against a quickly closed valve. When water flows through the line to a faucet, there is force behind that water. If the valve closes too quickly, that energy is trapped and can only be expended through the pipes and the walls, thus, a vibration occurs. 

Water hammers occur most often with appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. It can be a benign occurrence of noisy pipes, but it can also be damaging not only to the water pipes, but to the building structure that contains them.

The Dangers of Water Hammer

waterThough noisy water pipes are certainly annoying, hydraulic shock is a bit more than a minor annoyance, especially if the banging pipes are happening more and more often. The problem arises from the force behind the water hammer that causes things that are meant to stay in place to move. 

Pipes and wall supports are meant to be solid structures. Movement within them can cause damage and loosening of connections. If a household is experiencing particularly loud water hammer, the following problems can result from that repeated banging:

  • Pipe connections become loose
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Pipe breakage
  • Water leaks
  • Structural damage due to water
  • Electrical shock hazards from leaks
  • Mold and mildew

Fixing Water Hammer: What the Pros Do

plumberIf a homeowner has a concern about the pipes that go bump in the walls, they should enlist the help of a qualified professional. There are several steps that can be taken, but the work should be done by a plumber or plumbing technician. Here are a few of the changes that can be made to reduce the occurrence of water hammers:

  • Securing Pipes: If the pipes are properly secured, hydraulic shock will be less likely to cause loosening or damage.
  • Checking/Replacing Valves: If one particular faucet or appliance seems to be primarily responsible for the water hammer in the house, then a professional may check that valve for issues and replace it if necessary.
  • Air Chambers: These are capped extensions of water pipes near a valve that allow water to flow back into them, expending some of the energy and reducing the vibration on the pipes.
  • Water Hammer Arrestor: Like the air chambers, the water hammer arrestor also has an air-filled chamber into which water can flow. It improves upon the air chamber by adding a flexible membrane that helps slow the water down.

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