Benefits of Scheduling Routine Drain Cleaning From Professionals

The Importance of Drain Cleaning 

One of the worst problems a homeowner can deal with is clogs. However, homeowners need to understand that clogged drains are preventable with professional drain cleaning services, and it also protects homes from the complications that come from clogged pipes. This blog post will discuss the benefits of drain cleaning that homeowners can enjoy. 

Prevents Buildup and Clogs 

plumberLong before a pipe gets clogged, buildup appears on the internal walls of the drain pipe. The buildup can be caused by soap scum, grease, food scraps, or hair clinging to the line's inside. Once the buildup starts, it will continue to grow, resulting in a clog. It’s best to remove the buildup periodically before it gets out of hand to ensure it doesn’t become a complete clog. 

To make sure the inside of the pipes is clean, homeowners need professional help. Instead of wasting time dealing with stubborn clogged drains, treat the underlying issue and get the lines thoroughly cleaned by a professional. They can use drain cleaning methods like hydro jetting and drain snaking to unclog pipes or prevent clogs from occurring in the first place. 

Cuts Down on Flooding and Water Damage Risk 

plumberClogs are one common cause of burst pipes and leaks, leading to flooding and water damage. Flooding and water damage in the home can cause catastrophic loss and necessitate repairing or replacing things suffering from water damage, like the home’s floors. Flooding is often the result of burst pipes that could have been prevented with professional drain cleaning. 

When clogs form in a pipe, pressure can build up behind the clog. If the line is weakened or compromised from age or corrosion, the force could exceed what the pipe can withstand, causing the pipe to burst or crack and leak. With routine drain cleaning, homeowners can reduce the risk that their homes will flood or suffer water damage from a burst pipe or leak. 

Fewer Plumbing Repairs and Cleanups

Routine drain cleaning leads to fewer necessary repairs or cleanups due to a plumbing emergency, like a burst pipe or leak caused by a clog that leads to flooding and water damage. Not only do the leaks or burst pipes need to be repaired by a professional, but any flooding or water damage must also be cleaned up and fixed. Moist areas near a leak or burst pipe are also prone to mold and mildew growth, requiring extensive cleaning. 

Regular drain cleaning can help save time, money, and stress by preventing these potentially destructive plumbing disasters and the costly repairs and cleanups that follow. So don't wait for a plumbing emergency; take proactive steps to maintain the drains and pipes by scheduling regular cleaning and inspections. Doing so can help save homeowners money on costly repairs or cleanups.

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