Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Video Inspection Services

Sewer Video Inspection: An Overview 

There are things plumbers can’t see with the naked eye, such as the inside of sewer lines. Instead, they have to rely on specialized equipment, like sewer line cameras, to get to the root of a problem and find the cause. But what is a sewer camera inspection? And how does it help plumbers get the job done? Here, homeowners can learn everything they need to know about sewer video inspection services and how they can benefit from them. 

What Exactly Is a Sewer Camera Inspection? 

camera inspectionA sewer video inspection is what it sounds like. It’s when a plumber uses a small camera connected to a long and flexible line that can move through the sewer line to get a closer look at the inside of a sewer system. Plumbers can view the live video footage from the camera on a small screen. Here are three things homeowners should know about this device: 

  • These cameras rely on specialized technology, like high-resolution lenses, to look at clogs up close. They’re also water-resistant––a necessity. 
  • Time is of the essence when it comes to a serious plumbing problem. Using a sewer camera helps plumbers get to the root of a problem quickly and efficiently. 
  • There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to a plumbing problem. A professional needs to assess the situation and get it right the first time and a sewer camera helps them accomplish this. 

Sewer cameras don’t run cheap and require specialized training to operate, meaning that an untrained homeowner shouldn’t use one. If so, they risk damaging the plumbing system further without addressing the original problem. 

Why Would Homeowners Need Sewer Video Inspection Services? 

pipe clogThere are a variety of sewer line problems that can be diagnosed through the use of sewer video inspection. This advanced technology allows for a detailed look at the interior of sewer pipes, helping to identify any issues or potential problems. Some common problems that can be detected through video inspection include clogged pipes, tree root intrusion, cracks or breaks in the line, and misaligned joints. Some common signs homeowners can watch for that may indicate the need for sewer camera inspection services include:

  • Frequent clogs: If people constantly deal with clogged drains or toilets, it could be a sign of a blockage in the sewer line. 
  • Foul odors: A healthy sewer line should not produce any noticeable odors. If homeowners notice a terrible smell coming from their drains or yards, it could be a sign of a damaged or clogged sewer line.
  • Slow draining: If water is slow to drain from sinks, showers, or tubs, it could indicate a blockage in the sewer line. This is especially true if the slow draining occurs in multiple fixtures throughout the home.
  • Water backups: One of the most alarming signs of a sewer line issue is water backing up into a home. This can occur in sinks, toilets, or even through floor drains. It's important to address this problem immediately, as it can result in significant damage to property.
  • Soggy or lush patches of grass: If there are areas in the yard that seem to be wet or unusually lush and green compared to the rest of the lawn, it could be a sign of a leaking sewer line. The excess moisture from the leak can act as fertilizer for grass, causing it to grow more quickly.

What Are the Advantages of a Sewer Camera Inspection?  

Some benefits of consulting a plumber to perform a sewer camera inspection include: 

  • Accurate diagnoses: As noted, there’s no room for error when addressing a serious sewer line problem. A plumber can rely on a sewer line camera to diagnose a problem more accurately and act accordingly so the problem can be fixed right the first time. 
  • It’s non-invasive: A sewer camera inspection is a noninvasive way to find a plumbing problem without digging up the lawn or taking pipes apart, which can add more costs for homeowners. 
  • Has many uses: Sewer video inspection services can be used to diagnose a variety of sewer line problems like clogs, cracked or collapsed pipes, and tree roots that have invaded the line. They can also be used to check the condition of the sewer lines and if pipe corrosion has taken place to determine if pipe lining or repiping is needed.  

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